Setup Your GMail Account with Email 2 Rss service Guide


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Authorizing you redirect address

First of all you need to approve email address(es) provided by Emails 2 RSS service for you. You can find them on Home of

To authorize the address(es) to login to gmail and click on Settings link:

And then repeate following steps for each email address.

1. Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

2. Press Add a forwarding address

3. On the opened dialog type an email address and press Next

4. You should see following dialog then

5. Just press OK. You should see following editbox to type confirmation code as shown below

6. Open RSS feed for the typed email (you can find the url on Email 2 RSS service in column RSS Feed - see first picture in the current document above). The RSS feed should contain record with email confirmation code.

7. Verify forwarding email by copy-paste confirmation code and press Verify button or just by clicking on provided url.

8. Thats all. Now you are able to forward emails on the particular email address.

Let’s create a filter now. There is 2 ways to do it, lets start from harder one first:)

Creating filter manually

1. Login to

2. Click on Settings link.

3. Go to Filters tab


4. Press Create a new filter

5. Specify filter criteria. On the picture below the criteria is going to filter all letters from or will be caught by the filter

On the picture From: “* OR *” (without quotes)

6. You press Test Search if you want to figgure out which existing emails will be caught with the filter.

7. When you finished with your criteria press Next Step button

8. Specify following options for the filter and type previously approved email address given to you by Emails 2 RSS service. Optionaly you can apply some label to the email.

9. Press Create Filter button

Now all emails sent to your gmail account will appear in the rss feed.

Another option to create filter in gmail is:

When you are reading some email letter select More actions -> Filter messages like these.

Then continue from the step 5 of creating filter, but filter some filter criteria will be pre-filled based on the email properties (of course, it doesn’t mean it’s exactly one criteria you want to have)